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Two men in Idaho were recently detained by police after mentioning the band Nickelback

According to the Coeur d'Alene Press, Eric Swinford and Riker Morrow claim they were recently talking about another car "blasting Nickelback" at a local gas station.  But two sheriff's deputies heard "nickel sack" rather than Nickelback, and assumed the young men were talking about buying a small "nickel bag" of marijuana. 

Morrow captured video of the interrogation that followed on his cell phone.  The deputies didn't buy the Nickelback alibi, and at one point put Swinford in handcuffs for allegedly getting too aggressive.  Ultimately, Swinford and Morrow were not charged with any crime.  

They still weren't very happy about the encounter, however, and decided to post the video of what they called harassment on YouTube.  A spokesman for the sheriff's department says the incident is "being internally investigated." 

*WARNING: Some explicit language

Photo: Getty Images