Ozzy Osbourne Gets Candid Revealing Disheartening ‘Life Expectancy’ Update

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Ozzy Osbourne, the legendary Prince of Darkness, shared a candid perspective on his declining health, revealing to a reporter for Rolling Stone UK that he believes he has "at best, 10 years left."

The 74-year-old rock icon discussed the toll of a recent back surgery, describing its adverse impact on his physical well-being. Osbourne, diagnosed with Parkinson's in 2003, detailed the complications of multiple spinal surgeries, including the discovery of a tumor.

The singer discussed the further challenges of his worsening health after a serious fall in 2019, stating, "I thought I’d be up and running after the second and third, but with the last one they put a f*cking rod in my spine. They found a tumor in one of the vertebrae, so they had to dig all that out, too."

Despite receiving the Icon Award from a British rock magazine, Osbourne was unable to attend the ceremony, sending his wife and manager, Sharon, in his place.

The interview also touched on a disagreement between the couple regarding Osbourne's marijuana use amid health issues. Osbourne, known for his candidness, confronted the reality of his remaining time, asserting, "At best, I've got 10 years left, and when you're older, time picks up speed."

Sharon Osbourne, in a separate statement, expressed the difficulty of witnessing her husband's health decline, emphasizing her enduring support and gratitude for the life they've shared over their 41-year marriage.

Sharon told the Daily Mail in an interview concerning her support for her husband, “It’s just been heartbreaking for me to see my husband in a position where he’s not self-sufficient, he needs help. He was so vibrant, with such a zest for life. But you learn to adapt.”

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