Nine Bodies Were Discovered During Gabby Petito Brian Laundrie Search

Saw this on TikTok and of course double checked it. It's insanely true. Makes you wonder how many bodies would be recovered if every State was searched.

One woman was killed by her husband after their wedding.

'The most recent body found was that of 22-year-old Emily Ferlazzo in a case with shocking similarities to Petito's. Ferlazzo was reported missing by her parents on Monday after her 41-year-old husband, Joseph Ferlazzo, returned to her parents' house in New Hampshire to tell them he had not seen his wife since Saturday. 

The couple were living in a small bus that they had renovated into a home and had driven to Vermont to celebrate their first wedding anniversary. The day after Emily was reported missing, Joseph allegedly confessed to shooting her in the end and dismembering her body in their camper.' MORE via Daily Mail

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