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Woody and Wilcox

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06-24-2024 Edition of the Woody and Wilcox Show

06-12-2024 Edition of the Woody and Wilcox Show

Today on the Woody and Wilcox Show: Flava Flav’s Red Lobster commercial; Joey Chesnut banned from Nathan’s hotdog eating contest; Confetti cannon at graduation; Woody Game Wednesday; Woody “dated” Gwen Stefani; Chelsea’s lie about being related to Bill Paxton; Teacher caught drinking on the job did not commit a crime; Sausage Party Foodtopia trailer; And so much more!

06-21-2024 Edition of the Woody and Wilcox Show

Today on the Woody and Wilcox Show: Coffee mug recall; First day of summer jokes; Fun With Golf Audio; Athlete will miss the Olympics due to a freak gardening accident; Pilot union would like to replace the word cockpit; Apple products cannot be used by villains; Hard-boiled eggs in the breakroom refrigerator; Effects of train derailment; And so much more!

Fun With Golf Audio 06-21-2024

Things that sound dirty when taken out of context from golf broadcasts.

06-20-2024 Edition of the Woody and Wilcox Show

Today on the Woody and Wilcox Show: Cool Beans is back from vacation; Offering workers their own desk to lure them back to the office; Take the day off for John Goodman’s birthday; Hooters is coming to Publix; Summer solstice deals; Child on airplane spits on passengers behind her; Wells Fargo fires 12 employees who were pretending to work; Listerine Cool Mint mouthwash could be linked to cancer; Portland Pickles baseball team to sell cannabis-infused items; Cat night at a minor league baseball game; Boogie men from around the world; And so much more!

06-19-2024 Edition Of the Woody and Wilcox Show

Last day of Woody running the podcast, and now we have 2 people complaining about things that don't really even matter. We get you a day off to celebrate and remember baseball legends, someone hits up the FEZ Line to imitate Big Mike imitating Cosby! Woody Game Wednesday celebrates National Watch Day, then Woody tells us about an incident at his local pool. Air tag stories, eating insects and more fun things were also discussed!

06-18-2024 Edition Of the Woody and Wilcox Show

Woody still doing the podcast and only one person is complaining, so we'll just assume he's doing better than he ever has. Wilcox has a reason for you to take today off, but Woody brings up another day in history related to Space! We also talk about how bad rental car companies can be, horrible college roommates, Wilcox's first dorm, and a ton of other fun things!

06-17-2024 Edition Of the Woody and Wilcox Show

Better late than never? When Will Cool Beans be back from her vacation to the Long John Silvers' in Minnesota? No one knows for sure. We do know this is the podcast from Monday's show and there is some fun stuff about lawsuits, flights, YouTube first aid videos and more. Enjoy!

06-14-2024 Edition Of the Woody and Wilcox Show

Cool Beans is on vacation so cut Woody some slack if this format is a bit different from the normal podcast. Lots of good stuff including celebrating the Army's birthday, Fun with Golf, Cool Beans' adventure to Long John Silvers, Flatulence live on TV, people finding human body parts in their food, telling you partner about an STI, some crazy postings on Nextdoor, and MORE!

Fun With Golf Audio For 6-14-24

These are clips of professional golfing events taken out of context. You do not need to be a fan of golf to enjoy these, but you do have to have a juvenile mind, just like Woody and Wilcox!